Reasons to Apply for a Car Title Pawn

Wondering why you may need to apply for a title pawn from Lake Title near Gainesville? We offer fast, convenient personal pawns in Lake Park, and are always here to help you get the emergency funds you need. But title pawns can be an expensive way to borrow money, so it’s recommended that you only take out a pawn for emergency situations when you don’t have another option.

Wondering when you should apply for a title pawn from Lake Title?

Let’s take a look at a few good reasons

1. To Cover an Unexpected Medical Expense

If you or a family member have a serious emergency, like a broken bone or a serious dental health problem that needs to be resolved right away, you may have to pay high copays and other expenses that will later be reimbursed by insurance, or pay out of pocket if you don’t have insurance.

A vehicle title pawn can be a good way to cover these expenses, and make sure that you or your family member can get the care they need without worrying about how to pay high medical costs.

2. To Pay a Utility Bill or Other Urgent Bill

If you have an unexpectedly high utility bill or cell phone bill and your service may get shut off or you may face penalties and late fees for not paying on time, taking out an auto title pawn can be a good way to get access to the emergency funds you need to cover your costs until you can get your finances in order. 

3. To Help Handle a Family Emergency

A family emergency like a serious illness or a death in the family may require you to spend money on travel arrangements, hotels, funeral expenses, and other such costs, which may be hard to handle if you don’t have any savings. But with a car title pawn from Lake Title, you can get fast cash that will help you cover these unexpected expenses.

Get Emergency Funds from Lake Title Today!

The above reasons for applying are just the start. If you’re having any kind of emergency and need money to cover your expenses, a short-term pawn from Lake Title is a great option. Apply online for one of our car titles pawns right away.