Title Loan Requirements


Looking to get a car title loan in Gainesville, FL? At Lake Title, we’re here to help. In just a few simple steps, you can get a car title loan near Gainesville, FL, and get the cash you need to cover your emergency expenses. Here’s how you can get started with Lake Title!

1. Drive to Our Nearest Location in Lake Park, Ga

If you live in Gainesville, you can drive to one of our offices at Lake Park, GA. We are conveniently located near the Florida-Georgia state line, which makes it easy for you to get the emergency cash you need if you live in Gainesville or elsewhere in North Florida. Click here to get more information about our office in and Lake Park.

2. Make Sure You Bring in Everything You Need to Apply

We will need you to bring in your driver’s license or state ID, and we’ll also need three other things from you:

  • Your vehicle, for inspection purposes – Naturally, you will need to bring in your car to qualify for a title loan in Gainesville. We’ll need to take a look at your car to determine its value and check its condition. This will affect the loan amount for which you will qualify.
  • A free and clear car title in your name – You must not be paying any bank, car dealer or other such institutions for your car. You must own it outright, and your name must be on the title.
  • Proof of residence – We’ll need you to bring in a bank statement, phone or utility bill, or another piece of official documentation with your address and name on it.

If you can bring these three things to us, you qualify for a loan – no credit check or proof of income/employment required.

3. Get a Quote and Sign for Your Car Title Loan

Once you come into our office and fill out your application, one of our loan officers will determine the loan amount that’s right for you, based on the value of your car. Then, all you have to do is sign your paperwork.

4. Get Your Cash the Same Day You Apply

Once you’ve accepted your loan, you’ll get your cash immediately. Then, you can just drive home and use your emergency cash for any unexpected expenses that may have come up.

5. Repay Your Car Title Loan to Get Your Car Title Back

Until you repay your loan, we hold a “lien” on your title. This means that if you don’t pay, we can repossess the vehicle. As long as you repay your car title loan within your specified terms, though you will not have to worry about this! You’ll get your title back as soon as you send in your final loan payment.

Get Car Loans in Gainesville from Lake Title Now!  

With our convenient location near Gainesville, unique special promotions like free gas cards for visiting our office, and an easy-to-understand application process, Lake Title makes it easy to get the cash you need. Visit us for a car title loan in Gainesville today!