Top Car Title Pawn Facts

One option for those who need money immediately is a car title pawn. Whether you’re trying to consolidate debt, pay off an unexpected medical bill, or make it to your next paycheck, we can help find a title pawn that works for you! Click here and fill out our short form telling us about your situation, and we’ll be in touch with options!


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Here are some facts to know about title pawns before you apply for one:

Approval Times

We strive to get back to borrowers as quickly as possible. Many applicants report hearing from us within minutes of applying online.

Interest Rates

The interest rate for a title pawn can be high but at Lake Title we do offer a 30-day interest-free promotional program if you ask the lender about the promotion and if you meet the qualifications.  If you have been turned down by other lenders due to bad credit history, we may be able to help because we do not conduct a credit check!

Here are some additional facts about our title pawns:


If you fail to make your payment, Lake Title will attempt to contact you before repossession. It is important as well that you contact us if you are struggling to meet the payment requirements.  If you can make the minimum payment you can avoid repossession because at Lake Title we will be able to extend your title pawn for another 30 days.

Creating a Cycle of Debt

There are many reports that a title pawn can create a cycle of debt due to the high-interest rate but if you are a responsible borrower and only borrow what you need for emergencies then you can help your short-term financial situation by paying back your pawn promptly. Responsible borrowers pay back the money borrowed as quickly as possible.

How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount you can borrow depends on the value of your car, state laws, and lender policies. Lenders typically offer anywhere from $100 to $5,000 with an average pawn of around $1,500. We can provide you with an estimate when you apply online based on the Year, Make, Model, and mileage of your vehicle.

Requirements at Lake Title the requirements are minimal. You can apply online and get an email quote of what we can offer you before driving to our facility.  Once approved and if you are located near Gainesville, FL location we have one location (Lake Park, GA) where you can bring your documentation and your vehicle in to complete the process.

  • Bring Your Vehicle – We will do a quick inspection of your vehicle to determine its pawn value based on the condition.
  • Vehicle Title, Registration, or Title Receipt – At Lake Title even if you still owe on your vehicle, you still may be able to qualify for a title pawn but be sure to contact us ahead of time to confirm you qualify before bringing your vehicle to one of our locations. We offer 2nd lienholders an option to still get the money they need based on the remaining equity in their vehicle.  We will need the most recent account statement from your current lienholder.
  • Proof of Residency – Most people will provide a recent phone bill or utility bill with their current address as proof of residency. You may also be able to use a recent bank statement if it contains your current address.
  • Valid ID – Using a valid driver’s license or valid state ID.

What are the Repayment Terms?

A title pawn is meant to be a 30-day transaction, but if for any reason you are unable to repay the full amount in 30 days we offer extension options as long as you make the minimum payment.  As mentioned previously we do offer a 30-day interest-free program for those who qualify and if the pawn is not repaid in 30 days you may still qualify for interest-free when paying off.

Understanding the Terms of the Agreement

After applying online our staff is available to walk you through the process step by step.  Taking the next step is a decision that only you can make but we are here to help you understand all the facts.

Our friendly staff at Lake Title will go over all the terms of the pawn agreement and fully explain every detail to ensure you understand what you are agreeing to.  Knowing the facts about every step of the process can help you decide whether a title pawn is the best solution for you before signing the agreement. You could have the funds in your hand upon signing a title pawn agreement. Our pawns are fast and simple with easy terms that you can understand.

Remember the key to preventing defaulting on a title pawn is up to you. Before signing this document, you need to decide if you can afford the payment based on your budget.  Understanding every aspect and knowing that you can follow the terms of the agreement is vitally important to prevent you from going into a cycle of debt.