How a Title Pawn works


Wondering if car title loans near Gainesville from Lake Title are right for you? Not sure what to expect when you come in and apply for a car title loan at our office? Here are a few things you should know about how car title loans work, and about what you should expect when you apply for a car title loan at our office.

1. It’s Easy to Get Approved for Title Loans at Lake Title

You will need to bring in some basic documents like your driver’s license or state ID to approve your identity. We will also need three other things from you:

  • Your vehicle (for a quick inspection) – We need to take a look at your car to verify its condition, mileage, make, model and value. This is what determines the car title loan value you’re eligible for.
  • A free & clear title in your name – Your title must be in your own name, and cannot have any liens. You must own your car outright, and not be making payments to any other agency for your vehicle.
  • Proof of your address – We’ll need some kind of proof of your home address. Most customers choose to bring in a utility/phone bill or a bank statement. Any official document with your name and address will work.

If you can give us these three things, we can approve you for a car title loan near Gainesville!

2. You Keep Your Car and Your Keys 

Worried we will keep your car? We get it – but we don’t need your car or your keys. All we keep is your vehicle title. We will put a “lien” on the title. That means that if you don’t pay your loan, we can repossess your vehicle.

Don’t worry, though – as long as you make your payments on time, you will keep your car! We just need to hold onto the title as collateral for your loan.

3. You will Get Your Cash on the Same Day You Apply

We make it easy for you to get fast cash with title loans near Gainesville, Florida. Once you come into our office, apply for a loan and are approved, we will give you cash immediately, and you can use it for your emergency expenses right away.

4. You Need to Repay Your Car Loan to Keep Your Car and Get Your Title Back

Before you apply for a car title loan, we recommend that you make sure your finances are in order, and that you will be able to repay your loan within the specified time frame.

This is because, if you fail to repay your loan on time, Lake Title has the right to repossess your vehicle. However, as soon as you completely repay your loan, the lien on your title will be lifted, and you’ll get your title back.

Apply for Car Title Loans near Gainesville, Fl Today!

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Lake Title is committed to giving its customers the best experience possible.  Car title pawns are secured by the equity in your vehicle. This type of pawn is not intended to be a long-term solution. The max APR for a title pawn is 0%*, plus a mail fee of $5.91. Pawn repayment periods can range from 61 to 90 days.

Representative Example: If you choose to pay your pawn within 61 days then the total repayment for a $100 loan is $100. Customer is also responsible for paying a mail fee of $5.91.

PAWN AMOUNT (Amount Financed) PAWN TERM (# of Days) PAWN FEE (Finance Charge) CHECK AMOUNT (Total of Payments) APR
$100 61 $0 $100.00 0%
Representative Pawn Examples (Changing Terms) One Time Fee Total
Amount Term Rate (APR) No. of Payments Monthly Payments Mail Fee
$100.00 61 days 0% 2 $50.00 $5.91 $105.91

* This offer is only provided to customers who application originated via a paid Google advertisement. Your actual rate depends upon loan amount, loan term, credit usage and history, and will be agreed upon between you and the lender.

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