Do I get to keep my car with a title loan?

ABSOLUTELY! Although title loans are traditionally title pawns, you are pawning the title to your vehicle; not the vehicle itself so this pawn transaction does not work the same as a traditional pawnshop would. When you open your account with Lake Title, we will keep the title to your vehicle since that is the collateral for your title loan and you will keep your vehicle. It really is just that simple, and you can continue to use your vehicle as you normally did prior to receiving your title loan.

It is a common misconception that you do not keep your vehicle in your possession when entering a title loan. As most title loans are actually title pawns, ultimately your vehicle is the collateral for your title loan. Lake Title understands that we all rely on our vehicles to help us and our families through our day to day activities and lives, so it would be quite difficult to continue living life if you do not have access to your vehicle. We are not here to hinder you from being able to get things done as you need to, instead we are here to help you which is why we make it so easy to qualify for a title loan with the equity your vehicle holds and assist you with access to fast cash.

We want to help you get the extra funds you’re needing today with the equity your vehicle holds! Please call one of our friendly office representatives at (352) 692-2274 to get the process started today!