Does my vehicle have to be registered to get a title loan?

Since you are receiving a loan against the equity in your vehicle when you receive a title loan, we do require a quick 5-minute inspection of your vehicle to ensure it is in working, drivable condition at our office which will require you to travel in your vehicle to our location. We do require that the vehicle is currently registered since you will have to operate and drive that vehicle to our location. In the event your registration is about to expire; you are not required to renew your registration or have valid registration for an extended period to qualify, so there’s no need to rush down to the tag office and renew your registration early.

We have had some situations where our customers have applied for a title loan with Lake Title and not realized their registration had recently expired on their vehicle. In the event this happens to you, it does not automatically mean your title loan request will be denied without you renewing your registration. In the event your registration is extremely expired, by months or longer, or not expired at all, we will have to deny your title loan request until you are able to renew your registration. We have had some customers apply for the title loan simply because they needed the extra funds to renew that registration, and we were able to assist them with this.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our registration requirements at Lake Title, please reach out to one of our friendly office representatives at (352)692-2274 and we will more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have!