Is there a mileage cut off to get a title loan?

While some companies may have a mileage cut off to complete the title loan, Lake Title does not have a mileage cut off for our title loan approvals. Regardless of the miles your odometer reads, we can get you approved for the cash you need today in minutes! While we do collect the mileage during our quick 5-minute inspection of the vehicle, your vehicle having low or high mileage only plays a factor in determining your title loan amount, not the approval or denial! We make sure it’s easy for you to access the equity your vehicle holds to get your title loan approval today!

To be honest, each of us use our cars more than we realize! Between trips to and from work daily, taking your children to school or after curricular activities, going to the park, ball practice, birthday parties; going to the grocery store or taking your family out to dinner; taking vacations out of town – we are constantly adding more miles to our vehicles. Our vehicles are our reliable forms of transportation to every thing that happens in our lives and those miles add up, quickly! If all of our vehicles had low miles on them all the time, we would never be able to get out from under interest payments of auto financing; so we choose to keep the car that we love and try to keep it running as long as we can. Everyone has equity in their vehicles, because they are our form of transportation throughout life. With Lake Title, we understand that regardless of the love and memories you have made on these trips, these miles add up quickly, but you can still access the equity your vehicle holds and get approved for your title loan request today!

Curious about how much you could get approved for with Lake Title? Just fill out the few fields you see on our instant pre-approval quote to get your answer, or you can call one of our friendly Lake Title office representatives at (352) 692-2274 and get your easy and hassle-free quote today!