What can I use to provide proof of residency to get a title loan?

Do you receive your paycheck via direct deposit? If so, you can bring in your bank statement for proof of residency and proof of income to save yourself some extra time! If you do not receive your paycheck via direct deposit, that’s okay too; we can still use your bank statement as proof of residency. We can also accept a statement for a loan or any other type of revolving credit, like a credit card, for proof of residency as well.

The documentation that you need to provide for proof of residency can be any regular service bill in your name for your place of current residence. Acceptable forms of proof include, but are not limited to phone, electric, water, cable, gas, internet, insurance, etc. We will ensure the name on the bill and the address match the information on the title loan application for verification purposes. Since we require that it is your most recent bill (dated within the last 30 days), we will check the date to ensure it is your most recent service bill or bank statement for validity of your residency. Since Lake Title does not require a traditional credit check, we will utilize the proof of residency you provide in lieu of the credit check in order to approve your title loan request.

If you have recently moved and have not received your first service bill? No need to worry! We will do everything we can to work with you to get your title loan request approved. If you have a lease due to a recent move, we will accept this as proof of residency as long as it is not a month-to-month lease.

Do you live with a roommate who has the bills in their name? Does your landlord keep all of the utilities in their name? Still no need to worry! We do allow for a cosigner to take the alternative route of supplementing the required documentation in order to assist you with getting your title loan request approved. This is not a requirement, just an option we extend to our customers to ensure we can get them the approval they are needing.

Are your service bills or bank statement electronic because you have lost your paper copy, or you are enrolled in paperless billing? That is fine as well! We can still assist you by providing you with the email address to send the documentation to one of our representatives in the office and we will get it printed out for you. Lake Title strives to ensure our customers always receive the best customer service possible so that your title loan application is an easy, hassle-free process.

If you still have questions or are unsure if something you have will qualify for proof of residency, please reach out to one of our friendly office representatives at (352) 692-2274 and we will be happy to assist!